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Are you a seasonal homeowner in need of a reliable company to check on things when you’re not around? Or maybe you are a frequent flyer who doesn’t like coming home to a surprise situation that could have been prevented had someone noticed it sooner. Even full-time Arizonians want a respite from the summer heat. An extended vacation would sure be nice. But who would be there to be your eyes and ears?

In these situations, HomeWatch DroneWatch is the company for you.

Home Watch is a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

HomeWatch DroneWatch is a service created by Tim and Beth Gauen after they began a new chapter of their lives in Arizona. It is the product of their desire to build upon their experience to provide a valuable service to homeowners in the area. Excited with the challenge of running every facet of their business, knowing that success stands entirely on their shoulders, Tim and Beth proudly offer HomeWatch DroneWatch to bring you that much-needed peace of mind while you’re away. They understand the stresses a homeowner feels and recognize the importance of finding a reliable “watchful eye” to take care of things. You can rest easy with their expertise.

According to the National Homewatch Association (NHWA), home watch is “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.” HomeWatch DroneWatch — founded on the three core principles of honesty, integrity, and professionalism — will surveil your residence and provide you with a detailed GPS-based inspection report by e-mail before leaving your property. Tim has made a career in residential service management. With a keen eye and years of helping homeowners maintain their property, he brings solid organizational skills into every aspect of his business. You can always count on Tim and Beth to deliver quality service in a timely and efficient manner. 

HomeWatch DroneWatch is one of the select few services that offer drone images. Monthly drone images give you:

  • An opportunity for you to observe any changes to your landscape.
  • A clear view of your roof and gutter conditions.
  • A heads-up on potential animal infestation.
  • The ability for you to follow up on contractor work that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

Why HomeWatch DroneWatch is the Right Choice for You:

Tim and Beth are eager to please and ready to accommodate every need. With multiple packages and add-on services to choose from, they will design the service plan tailored to match your individual situation. Whether it is biweekly checks, light cleaning, or connecting with a contractor when needed, your home is safe in their hands. Not to mention, they are nearby, and you can reach them by text or call Tim’s cell phone directly anytime the need arises.

HomeWatch DroneWatch is fully accredited through the NHWA, so you can be confident that you’ll receive the best service available. The NHWA holds strong standards for their affiliates, recognizing true and honest professionalism and binding everyone to their code of ethics. One of the benefits of accreditation is the comfort of knowing your provider is fully bonded, licensed, and insured.