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Services by HomeWatch DroneWatch

We provide a comprehensive list of services tailored to the needs of area residents.

Every person’s needs are unique and every home is unique.  Some clients are comforted by the complete home check weekly, and some are ok with a once a month drive-by, fly-by with drone photos.  You are employing us to meet your home watch needs, whatever they may be.

Please ask about services not mentioned below that may be specific to your needs.

Home Watch

Weekly, and bi-weekly home watch visits.

Comprehensive interior and exterior include but are not limited to:

  • Interior

    • Open/close the main water valve as to the client’s preferences.
    • Check for obvious leaks around toilets, sinks, showers, dishwasher and washing machine.

    • Run garbage disposal.
    • Check the water heater for obvious leaks.
    • Check ceilings and floors for signs of water entry.
    • Check doors and windows for signs of a break-in.  Make sure doors and windows are still locked including the overhead garage door.
    • Verify that interior climate controls are functioning within specified parameters.
    • Check the refrigerator and freezer for any apparent abnormalities.
    • Check smoke detectors, and change batteries as needed.
    • Mail management. Text photos of mail deemed possibly important and obvious adverts set aside or discarded at your request.
  • Exterior

    • Weekly customers will receive monthly drone images that allow them to monitor roof condition and any landscape changes.
    • Window and door check for visible damage.
    • Removal of driveway advertisements, newspapers, etc.
    • Check grounds for broken tree limbs, standing water, obvious damage to windows, screens, fences, etc.
    • Observe the pool for overall cleanliness, color, etc.

Reporting What We Find

We use HomeWatchIt software designed specifically for the home-watch industry. We can customize our checklist based on industry standards with your specific requirements to ensure we are checking all the important things.

The GPS-based report is location and time-stamped and includes photos and comments as needed per visit.  Additionally you will have access to all reports through our client portal should you have need to access past reports.

Additional Services

Keyholder Services  

In your absence we meet service persons and give them supervised entry into your premises and remain with them for the duration of the their stay.  We then secure the property on their departure.  We can do this for your friends, renters, or any other persons needing supervised entry or departure of your property.

Concierge Services

  • Arrival cleaning, basic grocery stocking, turn on AC/Furnace, etc. in preparedness for your arrival.
  • Departure cleaning and shut-down service, which includes turning the main water off, locking windows, setting temperatures on AC/furnace, fridge, etc.  Cleanup of any litter in the yard.  Returning garbage and recycling bins.
  • Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc., packages to be held and delivered upon your arrival.
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning
  • Pre- and post-significant weather drone checks.  Pre-check to include making sure everything outside is secure and take drone photos of the outside of the home and property. Post-check to take drone photos again (good for insurance claims) and double-check property for storm damage.
  • We will schedule and meet with any repair companies post-storm damage.
  • Scheduling and meeting with service vendors for maintenance or repairs of your home.